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It’d be fair to say that the number of warungs, cafes and restaurants in the Canggu area have doubled in the last twelve months, these new additions showcasing the whole gamut of food offerings from terrible to tasty! Sure, there’s variety aplenty, but one thing many seem to lack is space (to park!!) to relax, and for the kids to have a run around.

Bali’s idyllic island environment and balmy weather lends itself to alfresco dining with friends, and many favour a venue that offers a pleasant view, appealing ambience and somewhere for the kids to kick a ball. Anywhere away from pungent, unpleasant exhausts and the cacophonous drone of Bali’s two wheeled transport of choice is a bonus! Not so easy to find….

In the past, FINNS Recreation Club has been a welcome oasis limited only to members and their guests, however, in recent times they have opened the doors of Bistro C and Sports Bar to all from 5pm weekdays and all day Saturdays and Sundays with no day pass required! Now everyone is welcome to enjoy the culinary offerings of alfresco eatery Bistro C as well as watching all of their favourite international sporting meet and matches in air conditioned comfort on the multitude of screens in The Sports Bar. Kids are catered for too as you can sit back, chillax and watch them run around one of the very few fully fenced and beautifully manicured lawns in Bali with complete peace of mind!

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Of course the added bonus is that Splash Water Park is right next door, along with a fully equipped fitness centre and lap pool so it’s the perfect opportunity to simply purchase a Day Pass in order to make the most of these extra amenities that are right in front of you, not to mention Strike Ten Pin, Bounce Trampoline and the Tennis Centre a mere buggy ride away.

The other bonus is that there is always something happening at FINNS Recreation Club so you’ll never be starved for entertainment. October guests are invited to Drink Pink and enjoy a selection of rose coloured cocktails to support Breast cancer Awareness and The Sports Bar is screening all of the excitement of the Spring Racing Carnival throughout October and into November, not to mention The Club hosting one of the biggest social events of the Bali Calendar – The Melbourne Cup Marquee Party! (If you hurry you might just nab one of the few remaining tickets!)


Every weekend there is entertainment for all ages with Starlight Movies every Saturday evening at 7pm. Pull up a beanbag and grab your popcorn and S’mores (only Rp65K) and enjoy a night under the stars with the family for free! Cubby House Kids Club runs a children’s cooking class every Saturday morning from 10am along with kids’ parties each alternate Sunday, not to mention their offer of an hour of free babysitting with every Rp200K spent at Bistro C and Sports Bar.

Sundays at 4pm means free frisbee fun on the lawn and why not stay to enjoy their scrumptious Sunday Roast from 5pm at Bistro C. Live music means a great night of free entertainment in family friendly environment, providing a perfect end to the week. FINNS Recreation Club Silver, Gold and Platinum card holders can continue to take advantage of the massive 50% discount on food and beverages after 5pm every day and now they don’t have to use up all of their guest passes to bring in friends and visiting family.

With all of this available to everyone each weekend and after 5pm weekdays, the decision really is quite simple. FINNS Recreation Club is my first choice as far as all round family friendly destinations go!

FINNS Recreation Club. Jalan FINNS Recreation Club, Canggu. CANGGUCLUB.COM

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